Dental Tip – What is the Gum, Body Connection?

Dental Tip – What is the Gum, Body Connection?

Sure dental care is expensive, but not paying for it can cost you more in the long run. For many years the American Dental Association has touted that skipping dental care is detrimental to one’s health. It is because of the role oral health has in relation to one’s general well-being.

Earlier this year the University College of London released information showing that people who brushed their teeth less than twice a day stand a greater chance of developing heart disease, further linking good dental health with overall health.

According to the, study leader Professor Richard Watts, hypothesized that oral infections may actually spread to other parts of the body. Areas include the heart and arteries and that may increase the odds of developing complications. The theory is not so unusual as other studies have demonstrated that bacteria-causing inflammation in the mouth can travel through blood vessels.

Dental care has also been linked to helping those with rheumatoid arthritis. The Journal of Periodontology conducted a study that indicated that those suffering from the condition and maintained their oral care regime had less troubling symptoms than their non-brushing, flossing and dentist seeing counterparts. The study participants who paid better attention to experienced less pain, morning stiffness, less swollen joints.

Study Author Nabil Bissad has sited that previous studies have also linked gum disease to premature births, and diabetes. In relation to the arthritis study Bissad stated “Again, we are seeing another link where good oral health improves the overall health of an individual.” The gum body connection cannot be denied, so why fight it any longer.


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